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Body, Mind & Soul Connections


Your Emotional Health!


1. BodyTalk Therapy

2. Esoteric Acupuncture

3. Heliosol Therapy

4. Chakra Balancing & Oracle Cards

5. Reiki Therapy


6. Access Bars

What's the one thing you would change?

What can I expect when I book a session from you, Paul?

Most people experience a deeper state of relaxation, a feeling of stress disappearing, and/or a higher state of consciousness and awareness. Each individual is different from their experience. Definitely a feeling of relief for many.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy (qi, prana, kundalini) is a force within all living things. The modalities that I use will work with the energy fields and release stagnation leaving a euphoric feeling. I connect with your innate wisdom to move the energy to a
state of balance and

What is Innate Wisdom?

It's the inborn intelligence that guides all bodily processes from conception until death. 

What can Energy Healing do for me?

I work with all varieties of people and health issues. Whatever your challenge is at this moment in time, I will communicate, synchronize, and balance your mind-body system using muscle testing. The most natural way for your body to heal itself
at a more rapid speed to recovery and manifestation.


Paul's Bio

Paul has a childhood rich with working with animals and agriculture in rural Ontario, just west of Ottawa in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. He graduated in 2005 from Humber College in Toronto, Ontario with a Diploma in Hospitality Management. After working for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts for 6 years he quickly realized that his passion was helping people and decided to take a more personal individualized approach, and to learn Bodytalk. He recently completed a Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, India. Paul has been practicing energy work since 2010 and has had studios in Vancouver, San Francisco, Toronto and now currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. 


BodyTalk uses muscle testing to encourage prioritized communication and synchronicity within the body mind complex. It brings a sense of balance and well being,  encourages healing and invites manifestation personalized to you and your health goals. This form of concious based energy medicine all started about 20 years ago by Dr. John Veltiem of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Over my 10 years experience working in the Holistic Health Care field, I have decided to offer a unique and different approach to healing. My qualifications and area of study have created a combination of expertise sure to achieve your results and your personal health goals. 

We are all born with innate wisdom within us, and certain energy healing modalities will tap into your unconscious mind to enhance the body's communication on a cellular level encompassing your MIND BODY & SPIRIT!


Esoteric Acupuncture is a very unique and powerful form of Acupuncture founded by Dr. Mikio Sanke of Los Angelas, California., USA. With this modality, the chakra system is used to find current imbalances, and then a sequence of acupuncture pattern is followed in a certain order. A different feeling from TCM acupuncture and a more holistic approach being needleless. 

This form of acupuncture focuses on opening up the heart center chakra and releases stagnant liver and kidney Qi. Also addressing the several layers of your aura where electromagnetic blockages or "hooks" may appear. 


HelioSol is a new healing modality that has much of its foundation from many years of experience using the BodyTalk system. It was founded by PaRama BodyTalk Instructor, Sylvia Muiznieks of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.


Heliosol uses the philosophy that we are beings of light on the earth plane. When working with innate wisdom, vibrations of frequencies, colour, and sound are used to balance charged emotions, active memories and belief systems.

It uses advanced implementations with energy work and manifestations. Just like all 3 modalities that I practice, you can recieve the session in person or done as a distant session.

I do not diagnose, perscribe or imply a guarantee of results or cures. Seek medical attention immediately if needed.