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HelioSol is a new healing modality that has much of its foundation from the bodytalk system. It was founded by Sylvia Muisnieks of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. It uses advanced implementations with energy work and manifestations. Just like all 3 modalities that i practice, it can be done in person or done as a distant session.

The HelioSol System (HSS) is an alternative health care system that utilizes a person’s inner natural healing forces to shift their perspective on life, releasing stress, which can lead to extraordinary changes on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – in areas such as health, abundance, relationships, and career. HSS consists of a blend of concepts from western and eastern thinking, as well as spiritual and scientific understanding. HSS is a powerful, consciousness-based system.More information about Heliosol Therapy can be found on heliosolsystem.org.